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Q is the best kept secret of modern information. Join the ranks of the informed and show that you belong with this token of knowledge.

“Go from dark to light” ~ Q

The original Dream

Back in 1793 – 226 years ago – the US Mint struck its first coins. The one-cent coins were pure copper. They were made by hand – engraved by craftsmen – and showed Liberty as a figure with long flowing wild hair.

The original American dream.

The Calm before
the storm

 October 28, 2017, Q Clearance Patriot hit the public arena with a message surrounding his meeting between President Trump and U.S. military leaders.

Settle for nothing

As the years flew by the coins got smaller – the original spirit of Liberty was tamed.

As a “Q” you want that dream back.

United Ones

The words, “Where we go. One We Go All” circles the top of the coin representing the spirit of unity displayed by true patriots

“The Great Awakening” was intentionally placed at the coins foundation to remind all those who are awakened, to remember the cause, and to standup against those who suppress the truth.

Be Patriotic

So when we set out to design our Q Coin to celebrate the organization and create a symbol of your patriotism and values – we went back to those original ideals and standards.

Get Access

The access code has been embedded in the coin giving only a select few people with on going access to all Q news


We wanted you to have something rare and special – something only those with those same values would recognize and click with. But we also wanted you to have something modern and fresh. Something that has never been tried before.

The Design

Provides ongoing access to the latest Q updates
A secure code it used for only Q Anon members to access

The "Q Coin"

More coming soon!